The Deep and Empowering Journeys

The Deep and Empowering Journeysאור קורן2024-01-24T10:55:45+02:00

Most of us carry a deep feeling and memory that there is something we need to bring to this life and that without it something will be missing. Something that only we can bring to the world in our unique way.

That thing that we need to bring to the world is us! Simply by virtue of our existence we are a perfect fruit of creation and there is nothing we need to do in order to fulfill our purpose!

When we experience failure or success we are fulfilling our purpose. When we feel alone or loved we are fulfilling our purpose. When we devour life or when we retreat from it into isolation, our experience is the fulfillment!

The pain or frustration come when we avoid bringing ourselves fully to life, not from a specific goal that has not yet been achieved.

When we feel free to show up and express all that we are without certainty of success or security, we feel full of meaning and worth. Whereas when we move away from ourselves or feel the need to hide parts of ourselves from the world, pain and frustration arise.

Another layer of our personal growth process is the recognition that we have a physical body with organs that contain emotions, sexual energy, instincts, and intelligence. It was programmed to pass on our genes and therefore is attracted to polarity (which can also be found in our same sex) and will search in this polarity for completion.

At the same time we also have a spiritual soul that lies in our body. Connected to the endless being, complete within itself. Connected forever to source. The physical world can’t give our soul the experience of oneness; because of this it must find it from within.

To the extent that we learn to give space to, get to know, and live those two truths simultaneously, without allowing them to contradict or override each other, a new door opens. A door that brings us freedom and liberation. It is a process of depth, wholeness, and maturity of the spiritual and sexual beings that we are. Miraculously, the more that we give space to our multi-dimensionality we reveal and shed more of what is not us, and begin to approach the world from the core of our innocent and wild nature.

These journeys of depth and empowerment enable us to do just that.

We will learn to listen deeply to what is asking to arise in each moment. To meet the polarity within us. To give space to duality, to light and shadow, and to work with the void and the unknown as a gate to intuition and to the place within us that is connected to all: To our inner guidance, our body’s wisdom, the healing powers within us, our inner child, our “higher self,” the animal body, the sexual and creative energy, and the ancient forces of nature that guide us from within with beauty and power and that bring to expression all of our gifts, in every aspect of our lives.

We will learn how to create a loving and empowering container where the group is a tribe, functioning as an intelligent organism with a heart that is connected to all the participants, thus creating depth and healing on a personal level, integrated into an empowering and supportive group process.

Beautiful moments from our last journeys

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