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Depth Groups

Every experience is a meeting.
Every meeting is sacred.
In every meeting, there is transformation.

We came here to connect, learn, explore and experience our humanity in all of its variety. From the dense to the airy, from the dark to the light. From separation to unity. The deep and empowering journeys that I facilitate intend to create a space that is experiential, transformative, healing and empowering, and that will enable us to courageously grow and expand while giving space to all of our parts — body, heart, emotions, sexuality and consciousness.

My goal is to allow space for the full range of human emotions, such as pain, fear, pleasure and more. To meet our light, shadows, passions, and deepest desires, and through them to enhance our experience of freedom to truly be who we are, alive and radiating life, and to bring the gift of our being to the world.

The Book of Quantum Listening

The Book of Quantum Listening by Or Koren

A powerful guide to a spiritual journey of deep self-acquaintance and relating to your own strengths and inner intuition.

Quantum Listening connects us to where our strengths, courage and inner guidance are located.

The more we listen to what is within, the more we will realize that healing and change are not about specific techniques or healing abilities, but are made possible through deep listening that lead to ripeness.

This deep listening occurs when we learn how to encounter the qualities of our shadow self and our fears in parallel to our qualities of light and our unique soul gifts.

In this book you will learn how to genuinely implement the inner work in your body and emotions. You will also receive powerful tools that will help you reach the deepest corners of your inner self in order to heal the soul’s most ancient pains.

The book provides ancient insights and wisdom by sharing a plethora of powerful, inspiring true stories, making your spiritual journey enriching, empowering and complete.

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