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In-depth interview with Or Koren, English subtitles

Hi, I’m Or Koren (Radiating Light), that’s my name since birth and it has accompanied me all along my way.

The deep journeys that I lead were naturally born out of the wide experience that I accumulated in the courses and processes I have undergone in Israel and around the world. They crystallized through tools that come from different methods and traditions, both ancient and new.

My training includes: Teacher and Master of the International School of Theta Healing, Senior Therapist of Shiatsu and Ancient Chinese Medicine, Yoga, Biorgonomy, Electromagnetic Field Balancing EMF, Qi Kong and Kung Fu Artist, Quantum Listening, Family Constellation Facilitator, and Teacher at the International School of Temple Arts for sexual shamanism and sacred sexuality.

In the year 2000 my path led me to a monastery in China where I lived and practiced daily. There at the monastery, at a height of 2,300 meters, without electricity but with an abundance of natural flowing water, I had the opportunity to express my abilities as a healer – in the treatment and help I was asked to give the locals and my ability to heal myself, physically and mentally. I left the monastery because I felt there was something missing and I had a longing for more tools to work with the body and consciousness. Eventually, a way was revealed and created that combines deep work with emotions and sexual energy.

During the years since I left the monastery I studied, experienced, explored and collected many tools. My practice isn’t a specific technique or method, but rather a deep and thorough integration of the essential things I internalized from every path I walked, in a process that deepens and enriches with the years.  There is a shared essence in the heart of all of these methods and teachings, the essence of how to listen deeply, to work with the emotions, the body, the sexual energy, the energetic field and the consciousness, with the void and with the unknown. From listening we will always be guided towards what is alive and wants to come to expression, healing and change in the present moment.

Today I lead workshops and deep journeys in Israel and around the world in an authentic and empowering manner, with intention for healing, empowerment and growth in order to create a full, fulfilled and meaningful life.

Beautiful moments from our last journeys

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